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Felix Chan

Mortgage Broker | Realtor

Since 2009, Felix Chan has been a beacon in the mortgage world, known for his expertise and clear guidance. As a dually licensed mortgage broker and realtor of the LiveInnerCity Real Estate Team, he’s driven by the idea of keeping things uncomplicated. Felix embraces the digital age, evident from his YouTube channel that reaches around 10,000 subscribers, where he simplifies home buying and mortgages for everyone.

Under the mentorship of a renowned coach who advises Canadian military leaders, Felix has honed his skills, ensuring he remains ahead of the curve. Armed with this guidance and a unique approach, he guarantees that clients find absolute clarity in their mortgage choices. His deep understanding of the financing world combined with a genuine approach means that with Felix, clients are not just getting a broker; they’re gaining a partner who ensures they feel confident and informed every step of the way.

Felix Chan



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