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Laurence Manduca

Mortgage Associate

I'm Laurence Manduca, a passionate mortgage agent eager to guide you through the exciting journey of homeownership. While I may be new to the mortgage industry, my experience in marketing and insurance has provided me with valuable skills that directly benefit my clients.

During my 12 years in marketing, I honed my communication skills and developed a good understanding of client needs. I excel at explaining complex financial concepts in a clear and concise manner, ensuring you feel informed and confident throughout the process.

Prior to this, I spent a few years in the insurance industry, where I gained a strong understanding of risk management and financial protection. This experience allows me to try and secure the best mortgage for your needs.

I'm dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, walking you hand-in-hand through every step of the mortgage process, which can be a difficult process. My goal is to exceed your expectations and make homeownership a smooth and stress-free experience.

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